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Medical Gap Insurance

Solutions Plus+ Gap – Now down to Two Lives

"This strategy is a proven tool that has helped thousands of companies significantly reduce their group benefits costs comfortably."

The Solutions Plus+ Gap provides coverage that offsets employee deductible and coinsurance expenses. Additional medical expenses can also be offset when combined with Solutions Plus+ Critical Illness and Accident — truly reducing employee financial exposure.

Our gap health insurance includes...

  • Non-Routine Doctor Visits
  • Covered Hospitalization
  • Outpatient Surgeries
  • Related Diagnostic Labs — X-Rays, CTs, MRIs

We will assist you in designing a reimbursement gap health insurance plan with rich benefit amounts that may include...

$500 to $10,000 Inpatient Hospitalization

$500 to $2,500 Outpatient Surgery

As a worksite MGA, Chimienti & Associates knows the gap insurance coverage market thoroughly and can build the perfect package for both you and your client.

The wide range of benefit amounts allows for the creation of a multiple-year strategy to stabilize the employer’s health insurance budget. Over several years, the employer increases deductibles and/or coinsurance at renewal. In turn, the employer also increases the underlying gap insurance coverage to help offset the employees’ financial exposure.

This strategy is a proven tool that has helped thousands of companies significantly reduce their group benefits costs comfortably. It will help your clients, too! Plus, you won’t have to worry about inexperienced gap insurance sales reps visiting your customers and selling them packages that are inadequate and/or unsupported.

Gap Insurance Claim Example

Below is an example of how our Solutions Plus+ Gap plan works. The example is based on a $2,500 deductible medical plan, with 20% coinsurance, and a maximum out-of-pocket limit of $5,000. The example is an in-network hospitalization claim for a covered surgery, with an in-patient plan benefit of $5,000.

$15,000 Hospital Confinement and Surgery Claim

Without GAP
In-Patient Benefit

With GAP





Co-Insurance (20%):


Co-Insurance (20%):


Max Out-of-Pocket:


Max Out-of-Pocket:


In-Patient Gap Benefit:


In-Patient Gap Benefit:


Insured’s Out-of-Pocket:


Insured’s Out-of-Pocket:


Solutions Plus+ Gap Highlights

  • Guarantee Issue for Employee and Family
  • No Pre-Existing Conditions Exclusions
  • No Participation Percentage Required. Only 2 Enrolled Employees Required to Issue the Case.
  • Maintains Carriers and PPO Networks for Multiple Years
  • An Underlying Group Major Medical Plan is Required
  • Benefits are Assignable to Hospital or Medical Facility
  • Identification Card Issued
  • Simplified Claim Submission
  • Benefits are Paid Starting with the First Dollar of Covered Out-of-Pocket Expenses

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Rx Valet Highlights

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Critical Illness Plans

Solutions Plus+ Critical Illness

"Typical critical illness plans carefully screen whom they cover through medical underwriting."

Our Solutions Plus+ Critical Illness package takes a different approach to traditional critical illness insurance.

Our Solutions Plus+ Critical Illness package takes a different approach to traditional critical illness insurance.

Typically, critical illness policies are sold directly to employees by outside insurance agents after the employer has selected a major healthcare plan for employee benefits, usually with higher deductibles.

Our plan is designed to be promoted by the employer’s trusted health insurance broker. You!

So employees are very receptive — even eager — to purchase low-cost critical illness insurance policies.

Employees especially like that upon diagnosis, a lump sum benefit is paid directly to them. The funds can be used however they see fit — to cover lost wages, family travel and lodging, out-of-pocket medical expenses, or other needs.

But employees are often frustrated in their attempt to purchase critical illness insurance plans.

We say “attempt” because most typical critical illness plans carefully screen whom they cover through medical underwriting.

Age-banded, smoker and non-smoker rates, and other challenges make it virtually impossible for census enrollment of these products or to package one with a high-deductible health plan.

Our employer-paid Solutions Plus+ Critical Illness plan allows for census enrollment and resolves most of the other issues, making it a valuable offering for your clients.

Solutions Plus+ Critical Illness Highlights

  • Lump Sum Payment to Employee upon Diagnosis
  • Guarantee Issue for Employee and Family
  • Children Automatically Covered when Employee Enrolls
  • $5,000 of Coverage Available at Very Low Rates
  • Buy-Up Options for Employee Available
  • 12/12 Pre-Existing Clause
  • Initial Diagnosis Benefit
  • Additional Diagnosis Benefit
  • Reoccurrence Diagnosis Benefit
  • Annual Health Screening Benefit

Accident Plans

Solutions Plus+ Accident

Our Solutions Plus+ Accident plan completes our package to help you provide your employees generous medical benefits.

After illness, accidents are the next major reason employees seek medical help.

When an injury from a covered accident occurs, our accident insurance plan pays an immediate cash benefit to the policyholder. The insured can use the cash to help with personal and out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Most other accident insurance plans have a reduced benefit schedule for spouse coverage. And the coverage for dependent children is even more reduced!

Our plan has one very generous schedule for employee, spouse, and child.

In addition, our accident insurance pays rich indemnity benefits for specific injures including:

  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Emergency Room Treatments
  • Hospital Admission
  • And More

Solutions Plus+ Accident Highlights

Coverage For:

  • Burns
  • Lacerations
  • Tendon / Ligaments
  • Torn Knee Cartilage
  • Eye Injuries
  • Annual Health Screening Benefit

Plus a Rich Benefit Dollar Amount For:

  • Emergency Room Treatment
  • Hospital Admission
  • Hospital Confinement
  • Hospital Intensive Care