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Preliminary Planning

Preliminary Planning

Our experienced Account Directors are assigned to each of our Clients, providing all aspects of set up support to include both management and employee information meetings.

Management Meetings

  • PROGRAM OVERVIEW - The Account Directors explain the concept of a flexible benefits plan and discuss the positive effects the plan can have on the organization.
  • PROCEDURES - Account Directors thoroughly explain the enrollment procedures, particularly the scheduling requirements for employees.

  • QUESTION & ANSWER SESSION - Directors are given the opportunity to ask questions and receive information on all aspects of a flexible benefits plan.

Group Meetings

  • PROGRAM OVERVIEW - The Account Directors give a brief presentation of each benefit plan to the employees. This overview will highlight the enrollment process and insurance benefit options.
  • AUDIO-VISUAL PROGRAM -The presentation can feature a flexible benefits audio-visual program to reinforce the educational process.
  • QUESTION & ANSWER SESSION - At the end of "the group meeting", employees are given the opportunity to ask questions.
  • NEWSLETTERS AND WORKSHEETS - Account Directors can also distribute these materials and employees may complete the worksheet before returning for their individual enrollment session.