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Limited Benefit Indemnity Plans

The ever increasing healthcare costs, coupled with the economic pressures of today, have forced employers to examine solutions to reduce the cost of their employee health plans. Limited Benefit Indemnity Plans, referred to also as Mini-Medical Plans, offer affordable solutions to employers. These plans pay a fixed benefit amount to employees or service providers, for medical services that are eligible within the plan design that the employer has selected to offer employees.

These Plans are well suited for a number of industries, such as hospitality, transportation, construction, landscaping, cleaning services, and restaurants. Employees benefit from having access to a national Preferred Provider Network, Prescription Drug Plans, Dental/Vision, Telehealth Services, Health Advocates, Wellness Testing, and much more.

Plan designs can include Hospitalization coverage of up to $2,000 per day for 60 days per year; Doctor Office visits of up to $100 per visit, generous Surgery Benefit schedules, and Accident Coverage of up to $10,000 per accident. With such generous benefits available within Limited Plans, many Employers feel these plans offer ample coverage to their employees in regards to medical coverage, at a price that fits within limited benefit budgets.

Employers know too, that if they offer a good Voluntary Benefits Program to employees in conjunction with a Limited Benefit Indemnity Plan, that they are further negating financial risks to their employees, by allowing the employees to design their own personal benefit program that best addresses the personal needs of the employees and their families.

Plan Highlights

  • Guaranteed Issue
  • No underwriting
  • No pre-existing condition, except pregnancy in some states
  • No deductible
  • Custom designed plans and enrollment options
  • Low-to-no administration required
  • Voluntary or employer paid
  • Actively at work a minimum of 15 hours per week and 30 days of service
  • Advocacy services for members
  • Full English/Spanish enrollment services if needed
  • Can be offered in conjunction with a Major Medical Plan if deductible is at least $5,000, and the group size is at least 51 lives*

    *California, Florida, and Idaho require at least 51 eligible lives