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Voluntary Health Supplement Plans

Voluntary Health Supplement Plans

Employers know that having a full, well received Benefit Package is essential to keeping quality employees. Many Employers want to provide a full range of products to their employees, and are willing to payroll deduct and remit premiums for employees, but don’t necessarily have the additional funds to pay for these Benefits.

Today, both Employers and Professional Associations can still offer excellent benefits, we have plans that offer guaranteed acceptance allowing employees or members to have options that can help meet their individual needs, without having to pay the premiums for these benefits. Many of these plans premiums can also be paid with pre-taxed deductions under the Employer’s Section 125 Plans.

Critical Illness Insurance

Employers are looking for affordable solutions that they can provide to their employees. Many Employers today are realizing that to continue to afford the rising cost of Health Insurance for their employees, they must increase their Major Medical Plans out of pocket expenses for deductible and co-insurance. This means, the employees are often faced with more out-of-pocket expenses. A Critical Illness Plan can be a low-cost solution for employers and employees, and these insurance plans have rapidly grown in popularity as both a voluntary benefit and/or employer paid offering.

It is not a new concept in an insurance product, but rather, it is the combinations of several insurance plans, such as Heart Attack, Stroke, and Cancer, into one more economical insurance policy. Additionally the lump sum cash payment upon the initial diagnosis of one of the covered major illnesses truly helps address the financial concerns often associated with moving to higher deductible and/or coinsurance plans.

Critical Illness plans can be applied for in varying amounts from $5K-$50K in coverage. Most purchases by employees tend to be in the $5K-$10K range. The following are the highlights of most of our Critical Illness Plans:

Highlights of Critical Illness

  • Lump Sum Payment to Employee
  • Guarantee Issue For Employee & Dependents
  • $5,000 of Coverage Available at Very Low Rates
  • Buy-Up Options for Employee Available
  • Children Automatically Covered When Employee Enrolls
  • Census Enrollment Available
  • 12/12 Pre-X Clause
  • Initial Diagnosis, Additional Diagnosis, & Reoccurrence Benefits

Accident Insurance

This Benefit is very popular with a wide and very diverse population of employees. Whether you have an active family life involving athletics, or you are an avid equestrian, or love motorcycles, a rich Accident Plan can truly be beneficial to a family when any type of accident arises and medical out-of-pocket expenses need to be covered. The indemnity benefits within a good Accident Plan can go a long way to covering those expenses, especially with so many employees today having large deductibles and co-insurance on their medical plans. Often too, an employee needs to miss work when they or a family member are hurt in an accident, and the cash benefits of this plan can really help a family when wages are missed, because the benefits are paid to the insured not to a medical facility.

Additional Supplemental Plans:

There are several additional supplemental plans available, including Cancer Plans, Hospital Indemnity, Identity Theft Protection, and Legal Plans, all at very competitive prices and from leading Insurance Carriers. Please let us know if you need assistance with any of these additional products.

Highlights of an Accident Plan

Coverage with lump sum cash payments for;

  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Burns
  • Lacerations
  • Tendon/Ligaments
  • Torn Knee Cartilage
  • Eye Injuries

Accident Plan Features Include a Benefit Dollar Amount For:

  • Emergency Room Treatment
  • Hospital Admission
  • Hospital Confinement
  • Hospital Intensive Care
  • Initial Physician’s Office Visit