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Benefit Eligibility Management System

All AdminDirect modules run in real-time. Clients are not required to purchase and maintain any software.

The AdminDirect system capabilities are beneficial to Human Resource Managers and core benefits plan managers because the administration module provides a single database of employee and dependent benefit information. This is much more efficient than traditional paper-based filing systems. Managers have immediate access to benefit elections, past and present. No more searching through file folders and forms. Automation reduces staff time spent doing repetitive tasks.

When reporting, the system has the ability to email notifications to internal staff and company administrators upon batch file completion. The batch scheduler has the ability to connect to carrier and/or other FTP servers and transmit PGP encrypted data files directly. This allows for a company to send electronic eligibility updates to carriers’ securely and easily.

AdminDirect has the capability to store a company’s benefits plan rules, including eligibility restrictions, waiting periods, volume and age calculation frequencies, while maintaining benefit plan coverage and rate history. This system will track all eligible employee data and dependent data, with relationship links to the primary employee record. AdminDirect can filter for designated divisions and/or employee classes. It also includes an auto-enrollment feature for employer provided default benefits. The standard reporting system includes various census, premium discrepancy, enrollment, leave of absence (LOA) tracking, and basic COBRA tracking. AdminDirect reporting also includes benefit accounting and billing system management, payroll deduction tracking and payroll reconciliation. Custom reports are also available when needed.