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Call Center

Chimienti & Associates has a full-service Enrollment Call Center for Voluntary Benefit Enrollments, as well as Core Health Benefits and Flexible Benefit Plans. Call Center Support is designed to provide employees with the educational, strategic and support tools necessary to navigate today’s complex healthcare choices.

Our Call Center was also designed to support the complexities of Employee Benefits Communication for large companies that may have multiple locations in various states.

We have worked diligently with our Voluntary Insurance Carriers and System Administrators to create a platform to enroll and deliver benefit plan data electronically, with the following features;

  • Internet browser-based system.
  • Secure Internet connections via SSL encryption technology.
  • Customize Enrollment Website with client logo/graphics.
  • Audio/Visual Presentation Technology.
  • Online Chat Help with trained Benefit Counselors.
  • Shadow Session with trained Benefit Counselors.
  • Electronic Signature for Voluntary Benefits with either PIN (Personal Identification Number) or VRA (Voice Recording Authorization).
  • Option of Year-Round Administration is available.