Employers Services

Enrollment Support Materials

Enrollment Support Materials

Your assigned Account Manager will work closely with you to provide all of the following options;

Employer Announcement Memo

We can provide you with a standardized memo to introduce the plan to your employees. This memo presents the advantages of the plan, and may also include the premium conversion program and/or flexible spending accounts. This memo serves as the employer’s endorsement of the plan, as well as an announcement of Chimienti & Associates, as the implementers. The employer may tailor this memo as needed.

Payroll Insert

Promotes the upcoming enrollment.


Three newsletters we provide are: premium conversion, medical reimbursement, and dependent care assistance. Benefits counselors may distribute these materials prior to the individual counseling sessions and provide detailed information on how the flexible benefit plans may impact employees. The newsletters on medical reimbursement and dependent care assistance contain a worksheet that employees may use to estimate expenses. The dependent care newsletter also discusses the advantage of pre-taxing versus taking the child tax credit. Finally, they stress the importance of selecting the proper amount for pre-taxing in order to avoid forfeiting funds through the "use it or lose it" rule.

Announcement Posters

Specifies the time and place of the group meetings.


Explains the flexible benefits plan in an easy-to-understand question and answer format.

Audio-Visual Presentation

Reinforces the educational process during the group meetings.